Gregory Worrell, MD, PhD

Mayo Clinic

Gregory Worrell, MD, PhD is Professor of Neurology, Physiology & Biomedical Engineering at Mayo Clinic where he directs the Bioelectronics Neurophysiology and Engineering Lab. His research is focused on the application of neurophysiology, engineering, and devices for epilepsy and is closely aligned with his clinical epilepsy practice. His team is developing next-generation devices designed to integrate brain sensing, electrical stimulation, and distributed computing for seizure forecasting and adaptive therapy to prevent seizures and epilepsy related co-morbidities. His research has been continuously funded by NIH where he has also served on multiple study sections and panels. He is active in the American Epilepsy Society, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society, International League Against Epilepsy, and CURE Epilepsy. Dr. Worrell’s relationship with the CURE Epilepsy team spans over twenty-five years, first as an early-stage investigator, then as a seasoned grant reviewer, and most recently joining the scientific advisory board.