Epilepsy Resources for Patients and Parents

As many in the epilepsy community will tell you, managing epilepsy and seizures involves a lot of learning and, at times, it can be quite complex. The Understanding Epilepsy section was created to provide people with epilepsy, their caregivers, and their loved ones with the information they need in an accessible way.

Explore this section to learn about epilepsy basics, available treatment options, important COVID-19 information, and much more.

A doctor goes over medical information with his patient.Epilepsy Basics

Learn about epilepsy and seizures – what they are, what causes them, and important things that people with epilepsy should know for their daily lives.

Diagnosing Epilepsy

Understand who diagnoses epilepsy, which medical settings epilepsy can be diagnosed in, the diagnostic tools, and much more.

Treatments and therapies

From medication and surgery to alternative therapies and medical devices, there are many ways to treat epilepsy and seizures. This section includes a comprehensive list of the FDA-approved drug therapies for epilepsy.

Clinical Trials

Some epilepsy patients may qualify for clinical trials for emerging drugs. Visit this section to learn what clinical trials are, answer questions you may have, and find a clinical trial near you.

Doctor sits with little boy in the hospital bed, showing him information on a tablet.Find an Epilepsy Center

Epilepsy Centers are specialized medical centers with a team of experts to help diagnose and treat epilepsy. Click here to search a database of epilepsy centers in your area.


Explore the potential impacts of COVID-19 on people with epilepsy through live streams, podcasts, FAQs, and other resources.


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