Gary Collins

President, Epilepsy Canada

Gary Collins spent 25 years in executive management with an emphasis on sales and marketing, notably with a number of high-tech companies such as Apple Canada and McAfee. In 2008, he formed a management consulting company called 4Growth to help companies grow their business.

In 1985, Gary’s life changed when he was suddenly diagnosed with epilepsy. Gary was one of the 70% whose seizures were mostly controlled through medication. However, the cumulative side-effects of his medications became debilitating and had a major impact on his lifestyle.

In 2018, he worked with one of the leading neurologist researchers in Canada, who recommended a change in his medication, since research over the past 30 years had yielded significant changes in epilepsy drugs. In the space of two months, he said, the new research gave him his life back, with zero side effects. His new medication reduced his stress levels, eliminated the ‘fog’ he lived with for many years, and allowed him to participate in sports activities that he had given up on.

This change taught him that people with epilepsy need to be their own health advocates, pushing their medical support teams to periodically review their medical profiles and review new methodologies. In 2019, he walked the Camino de Santiago as a personal challenge and for the 360,000 other Canadians who are living with epilepsy. He continues to join projects that will support Epilepsy Canada’s efforts to raise funds for epilepsy research.