Episode #27 - You Don’t Have to Be a Brain Surgeon to Understand Epilepsy Research featuring Stacey Pigott


You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand epilepsy research.  CURE’s Board Chair and former Head of the Research Committee, Stacey Pigott, explains how even those without a science background can develop the skills they need to dive into research findings, using them to better communicate with physicians and empower advocacy.

Being the mother of a child with epilepsy fueled Stacey’s quest to better understand both the condition and the vital research being done to discover a cure.  From epilepsy parent to advocate to CURE Board Chair, Stacey experienced the loss of control that epilepsy often brings and channeled it into her advocacy and fundraising efforts in support of epilepsy research.

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    You Don’t Have to Be a Brain Surgeon to Understand Epilepsy Research

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