Kliphtons Story

No seizures since 2019

Diagnosed with epilepsy at 16, after having my first grand mal in a Hillsboro, TX Dairy Queen – returning to Austin from an aunt’s funeral. It was then that I had to start looking into ways to manage stress and emotion, on top of taking medications. When I got older, many years, seizures, and a coma later, I was able to experience music in a way that enlightened my soul. I felt in some way, endowed with a purpose after surviving the coma. Now I make my own instrumental/electronic music, which helps me manage stress and emotions, tell my story through art, and have fun – no time for doom and gloom. I always want others to know that their health is important. Whatever the state of mind is can generally reflect in the state of the body. I choose daily, to be grateful for life and to strive for a better more loving me. I’m 30 now. No seizures since 2019. Three years!