Christian’s Story

The hardest by far is acceptance

Each year on SUDEP Action Day, CURE Epilepsy & The Epilepsy Foundation focus on research, awareness, and education. Almost one year ago, when our son Christian transitioned from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), such a day was not as prevalent nor did/do Drs today candidly and openly discuss with parents or patients this risk and potential outcomes. Through our journey to honor Christian’s legacy, we’ve learned one person’s story can make an enormous impact. You can read from Christian’s tribute here that the world was his, big dreams coming true with his passion for Detroit and the Civil Engineering field – His trust and faith most importantly in our God was truly highest ranked above all. No words can describe our devastation. He was an amazing son, brilliant college honors student, touching so many communities here and nationwide, just so close to graduation and starting an aspiring career to rebuilding Detroit and beyond upon graduation Lawrence Technological University- We struggle daily through the stages of grief, and are truly thankful for those who have helped us each min, hour, day, and month this year, but the hardest by far is acceptance. What happened to Christian, and to anyone of the 1 in 1,000 who has lost their life to SUDEP, is simply unacceptable. We needed to understand why and learned that no one knew. Our search for answers led us to Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, now known as CURE Epilepsy and The Epilepsy Foundation who immediately opened their arms as bereavement support for us and our children – The guidelines some doctors use today can help patients reduce the risk of SUDEP and/or at minimum perhaps touch the families who need this important education to open the conversation with their doctors- Today, on SUDEP Action Day, we honor our son, Christian Michael Cygan and hope to help any and all of the 1 in 26 diagnosed to know the facts and provide them the awareness to have these discussions openly with their doctors, family, friends, and loved ones – #MySafetyMatters #SUDEPActionDay2023