January 26, 2018

CURE Epilepsy Research Grants

Meet our latest grant recipients!

Receiving nearly 1 million dollars in research funding from CURE, our latest grant recipients are a group of forward-thinking individuals poised to uncover important research discoveries in the quest for treatments and a cure for epilepsy. CURE closed out 2017 with a total of $1.4M in new grants and remains committed to supporting groundbreaking research as we strive towards our goal of “no seizures, no side effects.” Read more about our newest grantees below.



$220,000 over two years, aiming to understand the relationships between sleep and epilepsy. Made possible by the generous support of the BAND Foundation.


Judy Liu, MD, PhD
Brown University

The role of sleep in epilepsy: Loss of function of the circadian molecular clock may underlie the sleep/epilepsy relationship

Up to one in four patients experience seizures only during the night, but the mechanisms underlying sleep and epilepsy are largely unknown. Using a mouse model that has sleep-associated seizures, Dr. Liu and her team will determine which stages of sleep are vulnerable to seizures and will examine whether altering certain aspects of sleep can affect the frequency or intensity of seizures. These studies will help us to understand the relationship between sleep and epilepsy, and may lead to new strategies for dealing with sleep-associated seizures.