The 2020 Ella Mile

Sunday, August 23, 2020
500 Block of N. Catherine Avenue, La Grange, IL, USA

Introducing the 2020 Ella Mile – Sunday August 23rd, 10 am
to benefit Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) 

Update, 8/31/2020

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those who made this event truly special. Your support continues to inspire us, even in the most challenging times.

Three images, The first is a group of children wearing Ella Mile shirts. The second is of Ella herself standing behind a sign that says, "Ella, your smile is contagious." The third of of Ella and her family walking.


Please sponsor a sign and/or donate!

To recognize the 1 in 26 people that will develop epilepsy in their lifetime, we are placing signs every 26 feet along a one-mile route in our neighborhood.  These signs are available for sponsorship at $100 each and then get to be customized by YOU! They can have messages of support, encouragement, epilepsy facts, etc. – you get to customize it!

Not feeling creative or wish to stay anonymous? We’ll be happy to fill your sponsored sign out with some messages of encouragement for you!


On Sunday August 23rd, Ella will walk a one-mile route and see all the signs we have posted!  We would love for all of her amazing supporters to line the sidewalk and cheer her on, wearing a past Ella’s Race t-shirt if you have one.  There will be NO formal program, refreshments, silent auction, etc. this year due to COVID-19. After Ella has walked the mile, we invite you to walk as well, and read all the amazing messages to her.


The one-mile route will begin at the 500 block of N Catherine Ave in La Grange Park, head North on Catherine to Monroe, head west to Spring, head South on Spring to Woodlawn, back east of Catherine, and finally North on Catherine to the finish!

About Ella’s Mile

Ella and her mother running among friends all wearing purple shirts at Ella's Race in 2019

Ella, who is the inspiration for this race

First off, thank you for coming to visit our site! Our 10-year-old daughter Ella has severe epilepsy, and we’re raising money in her honor to help support research in epilepsy. Ella was first diagnosed with epilepsy days after her first birthday. Since that day we have tried approximately 20 different medications, special diets, prolonged hospital stays, surgical consults, second/third/fourth/etc. opinions all in hopes of bringing her seizures under control. Unfortunately, she still has frequent seizures that, when combined with all the medications she takes, have significantly slowed her development. Yet despite the seizures, meds, hospital stays, blood draws, and therapy appointments, Ella’s indelible spirit remains untouched. She continues to be our driving force, attacking each new challenge with a smile. You can learn more about Ella here.

Ella smiling and playing with friends at Ella's Race 2019

We hope to see you there!

Unfortunately, epilepsy’s reach extends far beyond just Ella, affecting 3.4 million Americans, with 200,000 more cases being diagnosed each year. Approximately 50,000 deaths occur from seizures and seizure-related causes in the U.S. each year. Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) is the leading nongovernmental agency fully committed to funding research in epilepsy. CURE funds research grants for young and established investigators around the globe, and we believe these are the people who are going to be able to someday CURE our Ella. Finding a new and novel treatment and changing technology is currently our only hope for Ella to become seizure free. CURE is constantly at the forefront of the epilepsy research community, and they are also very fiscally responsible with all the contributions they receive. We are proud to be volunteers for CURE, and Blake is also a Board Member for the organization. We are very passionate about this cause and believe CURE is the best agency out there to help us and Ella.

Waiver: In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I waive any and all claims for myself and my heirs against officials and sponsors of Ella’s mile for illness and injury which may result directly from my participation.  I further state that I am in proper physical condition to participate in this event. I also give permission for the use of my name and/or picture in any public account of this event. No refunds will be issued.

Current total: $59,117


Ella's Race heart logo with a donation tracker tracker

Honor Roll

  • Catherine Abuallan
  • Debbie Adams
  • Jessica Andrews
  • Anonymous
  • Mary Atseff
  • Bennett Baranowski
  • Bridgid Bergstrom
  • Claire Biebel
  • Laurie Blackmon
  • Regina Blackstone
  • Vanessa Blasco
  • Rosanne Browne
  • Zac & Nicole Buikema
  • Carrie Cahill
  • Monica Callahan
  • Melissa Cepek
  • Rachelle Jervis Chopra
  • David A. Cox
  • Blake and Shalee Cunneen
  • Jack Cunneen
  • John P. Cunneen
  • Pat & Jay Cunneen
  • Anna Curran
  • Jennifer Curry
  • Kelly Cusack
  • Rachel Dahl
  • Megan Davidson
  • Sara DeCoste
  • Catherine Dee
  • Dental Loft
  • Lori Deskovich
  • Melissa Diebold
  • Jillian Dryfoos
  • Jessica Duer
  • Bill Eggebrecht
  • Lauren Enright
  • Beth Fabiano
  • Tanya Fishel
  • Sharon Flaim
  • Sonia Fonseca
  • Recia Frenn
  • Mary & Gene Gager
  • Wendy & Jim Garber
  • Matthew Garman
  • Lily Garza
  • Sherina Gerardi
  • Susan Goldby
  • Tarra Grisz
  • Ryan Gruhlke
  • Kimberly Hare
  • Ann E. Herder
  • Cathy Hernandez
  • Kathleen Hickey
  • Jennie Hoekstra
  • Jenny Hopkins
  • Kathy & Joe Horvath
  • Bob Hovanes
  • Tiffany Howard
  • Katie Janak
  • Stacie Janak
  • Molly Jandrain
  • Megan Janssen
  • Erin Jordan
  • Lisa Katzenberger
  • Barb Keller
  • Ashley Kennedy
  • Jessica Kiley
  • Jackie King
  • Jennifer Kovacs
  • Jenny Krasnowski
  • Bethany Kural
  • Nikola Lambert
  • Cathy and Jim Landman
  • Jennifer LaRocque
  • Angela Larson
  • Carol Larson
  • Emily Larsen
  • James Lee
  • Sarah Lorenzi
  • Kristin Love
  • Lovell Family
  • Aileen Lysaught
  • Nancy Madden
  • Tricia Maier
  • Nicole M. Marth
  • Evelyn M. Martinez
  • Herb L. Massin
  • Bryan McGill
  • Kathy McKenna
  • Kevin Melvin
  • Nancy Melvin
  • Jacquelyn Metoyer
  • Midwest Radon Services
  • Heather Minchella
  • Michelle A. Mirza
  • Kristin Michel
  • Kelly A. Moran
  • Katie Mulcahy
  • Elizabeth Newman
  • Megan Novak
  • Michael Moore
  • Dawn Gard O’Connell
  • Jennifer Ogden
  • Outdoor Kid’s Yoga Class
  • Carolynne Ozanich
  • Matthew Patton
  • Tara Petersen
  • Brian & Martha K. Polomsky
  • Barbara Riccio
  • Vanessa Robertson
  • Jean Rosenzweig
  • Liz and Jason Roudabush
  • Joseph Sambucaro
  • Adlija Santarelli
  • Andrea Schildgen
  • Bre Schneider
  • Lauren Schrero
  • Stephanie Shimerdla
  • Sharon Sims
  • Samantha Sordyl
  • Lindsey A. Sorensen
  • Caitlin Spain
  • Beth Stamer
  • Megan Styler
  • Jonathan Suttle
  • Codi Titus
  • Mia Tritch
  • Mandy Vadbunker
  • Brian Van Valey
  • Lauren Vaupell
  • Christal Virgilio
  • Heather Vitell
  • Susan C Waggener
  • Nora Wagner
  • Joseph Washburn
  • Janelle Watanabe
  • Jennifer L. Webb
  • Margaret Yesko
  • Sara Goggin Young

Total donations raised and Honor Roll updated weekly.