“Treatment Talk” Treatment of Focal Epilepsy: Advancement Toward Medical Remission

Thursday, April 27, 2023
12:00 pm CST

This Treatment Talk, a social-media broadcast that will be released on CURE Epilepsy’s YouTube channel, will discuss focal epilepsy and the most recent treatments to help patients achieve medical remission. The talk features Dr. Michael Smith, Senior Attending Neurologist and Director of the Rush Epilepsy Center in Chicago, and Sarah Carlson, a patient of Dr. Smith’s who battled epilepsy and its corresponding stigma for many years before achieving seizure freedom. Viewers will learn about focal epilepsy, how a new treatment (cenobamate) can offer patients the hope of medical remission, and the benefits and risks identified in recent clinical trials of cenobamate.

This talk is supported by an independent educational grant from SK Life Science.

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