Michael Axelrod

Board Member

Michael Axelrod is a strategist, consultant, and expert on business development, strategic positioning, and government relations.

In 2009 Michael founded GPG Strategies, a Chicago-based government affairs and business development firm that specializes in assisting businesses and corporations throughout the United States. He currently operates as Founder and Principal of GPG Strategies.

Michael also serves as an Advisory Board Member for multiple Chicago-based organizations, including Navy Pier. He attended Beloit College and earned a BS in political science in 2005.

As the son of CURE Epilepsy Founder Susan Axelrod, Michael has been instrumental in fundraising for events, such as the annual Chicago Benefit. He is joining CURE Epilepsy’s board to further the fight for a cure for people like his sister, who has epilepsy. Michael lives with his wife and two children in Phoenix, Arizona.


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