Episode #81 - The Best of Seizing Life 2021 featuring Elissa Moore, Lauren Panco, Jon Sadler


This week on Seizing Life, we revisit several compelling conversations from the past year in our Best of Seizing Life 2021 compilation episode. Elissa Moore spoke with us in April of 2021 about her son Cormac’s long and difficult treatment journey following his epilepsy diagnosis at the age of 9. In May, Lauren Panco discussed managing epilepsy as a young woman while balancing work demands and social activities. We spoke with author Jon Sadler in June about undergoing brain surgery after living with epilepsy for over 40 years, and how this experience led him to a new calling as a counselor to fellow epilepsy patients and their families.

This is just a small sample of the many inspiring and informative discussions we had about epilepsy during 2021. If you missed any of these episodes or are new to Seizing Life, we encourage you to check out these full episodes and many others on the Seizing Life section of CURE Epilepsy’s website or on CURE Epilepsy’s YouTube Channel, or download episodes from your favorite podcast supplier.

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    The Best of Seizing Life 2021