Episode #58 - The Best of Seizing Life 2020 featuring Christin Godale, Patty and Patrick Horan, Dr. Andres Kanner, Dr. Gemma Carvill


This week on Seizing Life we revisit  just a few of the incredible guests and conversations from 2020. In a challenging year, we, like so many across the country, had to adjust to working remotely. And although we had to sit in the kitchen alone, we were fortunate to be joined by many inspiring and insightful guests from across the country. This episode compiles just a few of the many amazing guests that provided us with valuable information and hope during 2020.

Christin Godale, a PhD candidate at the University of Cincinnati, spoke with us about the challenges of growing up with epilepsy and how her experiences have led her to pursue a career in epilepsy research. Former U.S. Army Captain Patrick Horan and his wife Patty recounted his devastating traumatic brain injury while serving in Iraq and how the resulting PTE (Post Traumatic Epilepsy) impacted his recovery process. We spoke with Dr. Andres Kanner about the bi-directional relationship between epilepsy and mental health, and how this connection must be considered at the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment.  Finally, we spoke with epilepsy researcher and CURE Taking Flight grantee Dr. Gemma Carvill about a “crazy idea” that may provide a significant breakthrough in diagnosing epilepsy and how genetic research offers real hope for epilepsy patients and their families.

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