Episode #108 - Recent Advances in Diagnostic and Surgical Tools for Epilepsy featuring Kristen Kotsimbos, Scott Strong, Gabriele Richardson, Ryan Chu


This week on Seizing Life® we take a look at diagnostic and surgical tools that assist physicians in localizing and removing areas of the brain that produce seizures. In an episode recorded this past November at Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland, Kelly speaks with several exhibitors to learn more about current and emerging technology that is helping to improve the lives of those with epilepsy.

We learn about the Stealth Autoguide and Visualase systems that can work in collaboration to locate and eliminate tiny areas of the brain from which seizure activity is emanating. We also take a closer look at MEG, a diagnostic tool that can be used in concert with EEGs and MRIs to provide more detailed brain mapping and localize seizure activity in preparation for surgery. Finally, we hear how Rosa the Robot is used by surgeons to place leads for diagnostic testing and operate lasers to ablate epileptic areas of the brain. If you or a loved one is going through the process of localizing seizure activity or considering undergoing epilepsy surgery, we recommend becoming familiar with these minimally invasive technologies that are on the cutting-edge of epilepsy diagnosis and treatment.

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    Recent Advances in Diagnostic and Surgical Tools for Epilepsy

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