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Infantile SpasmsResearch
November 29, 2023

#130 Infantile Spasms: The Facts, The Research, and The Hope for the Future

Guest: Dr. Chris Dulla

This week on Seizing Life® epilepsy researcher Dr. Chris Dulla provides information about infantile spasms, from detection and diagnosis to current research and future improvements in treatment.

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HealthcareLiving with Epilepsy
November 15, 2023

#129 Epilepsy in Women: Challenges, Concerns, and Considerations

Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Gerard

This week on Seizing Life® Dr. Elizabeth Gerard discusses concerns specific to women living with epilepsy. From puberty to menstruation, contraception, pregnancy, and menopause, we explore managing epilepsy through all stages of a woman’s life.

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AdvocacyLiving with Epilepsy
November 1, 2023

#128 NYC Marathoner Achieves Seizure Control and Runs for Epilepsy Research

Guest: Peter Burpee

This week on Seizing Life® Peter Burpee shares his experiences with absence and tonic clonic seizures and explains why he’s running for Team CURE Epilepsy in the upcoming NYC Marathon.

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October 18, 2023

#127 Searching for Answers, Providing Support, and Understanding Grief After the Death of a Child

Guest: Dr. Richard Goldstein

This week on Seizing Life® Dr. Richard Goldstein, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, discusses his research into both Sudden Unexpected Death in Pediatrics (SUDP) and the grieving process of bereaved parents.

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FamilyInfantile Spasms
October 4, 2023

#126 Infantile Spasms Diagnosis and Treatment Journey Inspires Children’s Book

Guest: Kate Kostolansky

This week on Seizing Life® Kate Kostolansky shares her daughter’s infantile spasms diagnosis and treatment journey, and explains how these experiences inspired a children’s book to help newly-diagnosed families.

featured episode
September 20, 2023

#125 An Extraordinary Life of Autism, Epilepsy, and Advocacy

Guest: Barbara D'Amora

This week on Seizing Life® Barbara D’Amora tells us about her son Nicholas, who lived with autism and epilepsy and became an active and inspirational advocate for the autistic community despite being nonverbal.

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Living with EpilepsyTypes of Epilepsy
September 6, 2023

#124 A Young Woman’s Journey with Jeavons Syndrome

Guest: Kiley Flowers

This week on Seizing Life®, recent college graduate and CURE Epilepsy summer intern Kiley Flowers joins us to talk about Jeavons syndrome and share her personal journey with this rare form of generalized epilepsy.

featured episode
August 23, 2023

#123 Pursuing Effective Epilepsy Treatment and Running for Research

Guest: Clare Phelps

This week on Seizing Life® Clare Phelps shares the difficult diagnosis and frustrating treatment journey of her young daughter Sophie, whose epilepsy has so far been treatment resistant.

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AdvocacyLiving with Epilepsy
August 9, 2023

#122 From Hiding Diagnosis to Advocating for Awareness: A Young Woman’s Epilepsy Journey

Guest: Mariah Mayhugh

This week on Seizing Life® Mariah Mayhugh recounts her epilepsy journey, from hiding her diagnosis to becoming a passionate advocate for epilepsy awareness.

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