Episode #16 - Food for Thought: The Keto Diet and Epilepsy featuring Robyn Blackford and Breanne Fisher


Research has shown that the ketogenic diet can reduce or even eliminate seizures in some individuals impacted by epilepsy – particularly those who have not gained seizure control after trying two or more treatment options. But why does keto work for these individuals and how do doctors decide which patients to recommend for this treatment?

On this episode of Seizing Life, join us to learn more about using the ketogenic diet for seizure control from registered dietician Robyn Blackford and advanced practice nurse Breanne Fisher from the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Dive deeper into research on the ketogenic diet and epilepsy by watching our recent webinar recording.

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    Food for Thought: The Keto Diet and Epilepsy Transcript

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