Episode #73 - Epilepsy… It’s Complicated (rebroadcast) featuring Dr. Charles Marcuccilli


Among the public – and even among some medical professionals – the complexities of epilepsy are frequently underappreciated, but those within the epilepsy community know too well the complicated nature of this condition. The causes, impacts, and treatments of epilepsy can vary greatly from person to person. The diverse nature of the condition is one key factor contributing to misunderstanding among the both the general public and health care professionals. Additionally, many of the underlying mechanisms that lead to seizures have not yet been fully explained by science, which is why epilepsy research is so important to those living with epilepsy.

In this rebroadcast of a Seizing Life episode from June 2019, we speak with Dr. Charles Marcuccilli, Director of Pediatric Epilepsy at the Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Marcuccilli explains why epilepsy is so misunderstood, discusses the history and impact of stigma around it, and suggests what patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals can do to increase awareness and education around epilepsy.

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    Epilepsy… It’s Complicated (rebroadcast)