Episode #110 - Epilepsy Can’t Stop Young Girl’s Competitive Spirit featuring Christiane, Christy, and Lawrence Tsane


This week on Seizing Life®, Christy and Lawrence Tsane share daughter Christiane’s epilepsy diagnosis and explain how they manage her seizures while nurturing her love of competitive running.

Christiane Tsane experienced her first absence seizure at the age of six. After observing and recording a second absence seizure, her parents Christy and Lawrence sought medical advice. Several months later, Christiane was diagnosed with epilepsy and began her treatment journey. Though neurologists tried several medications, Christiane’s seizures continued and progressed from absence to tonic clonic and focal seizures that sometimes clustered. The seizures and side effects of medications impacted Christiane’s schoolwork and social life, but she continued to excel in her chosen sport, competitive running. When it became clear that Christiane needed special attention and considerations in her training program, her father decided to become her coach. Despite experiencing seizures before races, Christiane has continued to compete at the highest level, making it to the final round of the 2021 Junior Olympics in the 100-meter dash. Even as they struggle to control Christiane’s seizures, her parents continue to support and encourage Christiane’s passion for running, and Christiane’s competitive spirit remains intact as she looks forward to the next Junior Olympic trials.

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    Epilepsy Can’t Stop Young Girl’s Competitive Spirit

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