Episode #59 - Epilepsy Advocacy and Education: Determining The Care You Need featuring Anita Meeks


You’re at an age in your life where you have a routine – a social life, a work life, a home life; it might be hectic at times, but you can handle it.  That’s the lifestyle you live. And then one day, it all changes. Out of seemingly nowhere, you have a seizure, and you are diagnosed with epilepsy. It will happen to 1 in 26 Americans.  It can happen to anyone, at any age. What do you do when your life is suddenly upended by an epilepsy diagnosis? Where do you turn for reliable information? How do you find a neurologist that you connect with? Can you manage your seizures and live the life you’ve always had?

This week on Seizing Life® we speak with Anita Meeks, a newly diagnosed epilepsy patient navigating a new reality. Her epilepsy journey began just months ago, when at 50 years old she was unexpectedly diagnosed with epilepsy. Anita found herself dealing with side-effects from medications, searching for a neurologist, researching epilepsy, and recalibrating her lifestyle, all in pursuit of a balance between managing seizures and living a life that she finds fulfilling. Anita shares her experiences finding the right care and therapy that works for her.  She explains how she approaches her new life with epilepsy, offers advice for fellow patients, and encourages those who can to advocate for themselves.

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    Epilepsy Advocacy and Education: Determining The Care You Need