Episode #96 - Determination and New Technology Lead to Successful Epilepsy Surgery featuring Kate Neale Cooper


This week on Seizing Life® epilepsy advocate and mother Kate Neale Cooper shares her daughter Virginia’s 16-year epilepsy journey. She explains how a new diagnostic tool enabled doctors to localize Virginia’s seizures, and ultimately perform successful epilepsy surgery.

Kate discusses her daughter’s initial seizure onset and epilepsy diagnosis at 17 months of age, and details their long journey through various treatments, numerous doctors, and recurring disappointments as they sought seizure control. Facing the end of treatment options after 16 years, Kate explains how a doctor with the Twitter handle “The Notorious EEG” provided hope, and how a new diagnostic tool finally made brain surgery an option for her daughter. Kate describes the process of discovering where Virginia’s seizures were located and the subsequent surgical procedure that finally brought her daughter seizure freedom. Along the way Kate provides insights and advice for parents of children with epilepsy and explains how advances in research and technology continue to provide hope for those with drug-resistant epilepsy.

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    Determination and New Technology Lead to Successful Epilepsy Surgery

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