Episode #100 - Celebrating 100 episodes: Community, Impact, and Hope featuring David Axelrod


This week we celebrate our 100th episode of Seizing Life by having guest host David Axelrod interview Kelly Cervantes about her role as an advocate, podcast host, and leader in the epilepsy community as the Chair of the CURE Epilepsy Board of Directors. Kelly discusses the importance of community, the impact of CURE Epilepsy on epilepsy research, finding hope in the promise of research, and how her personal experience with epilepsy impacts her work.

Noted political strategist, author, and CNN contributor, David Axelrod is a longtime member of the CURE Epilepsy community as the father of a daughter, Lauren, who lives with epilepsy and the husband of CURE Epilepsy founder Susan Axelrod. David knows the deep and lasting impacts that epilepsy can have on a child, parent, and family. His personal experience, involvement in the epilepsy community, knowledge of the CURE Epilepsy organization, and longtime friendship with Kelly informs their discussion. David and Kelly recount how they first met and discuss the value of community. Kelly talks about finding hope in her daughter Adelaide’s story and the promise of research. Both Kelly and David reflect on the impact CURE Epilepsy has made by funding young investigators, supporting basic research, and challenging scientists to push beyond better treatments toward finding a cure for epilepsy. Kelly also discusses her upcoming book Normal Broken and how she hopes it will help others in the epilepsy community deal with grief and navigate their own grieving process.

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    Celebrating 100 episodes: Community, Impact, and Hope

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