Episode #134 - Artificial Intelligence and Epilepsy: The Promise & Pitfalls of AI in Diagnosis and Treatment featuring Dr. Daniel Goldenholz


This month on Seizing Life® we explore artificial intelligence as it relates to epilepsy care, how it’s impacting epilepsy diagnosis and treatment today, and what it promises for the future.

We hear the term all the time, but what is AI and how does it relate to epilepsy research and treatment? Who better to explain than neurologist and artificial intelligence expert, Dr. Daniel Goldenholz of the Goldenholz Epilepsy + Data Science Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Dr. Goldenholz walks us through the evolution of AI in epilepsy and the role that AI currently plays in epilepsy research diagnosis, seizure detection, and prediction. Will AI one day play a role in epilepsy surgeries, wearable devices and other treatments, or are we already there? What are the ethical issues concerning AI and medical care and can some of the potential pitfalls be avoided? This episode offers an easy-to-understand overview of artificial intelligence as it’s being implemented in epilepsy care now and provides a glimpse into the future exploring how AI will change the lives of people with epilepsy as well as the training and role of neurologists.

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    Artificial Intelligence and Epilepsy: The Promise & Pitfalls of AI in Diagnosis and Treatment

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