Episode #34 - Acting Globally to Fight Epilepsy featuring Gardiner Lapham


Epilepsy is a global health concern. Tens of millions of people worldwide are impacted by this disease. Those who are touched by it know that the complexities of epilepsy can create a myriad of challenges. Those challenges are often magnified in developing countries where lack of diagnosis and treatment availability are often compounded by fear and stigma.

On this episode, former CURE Board Chair and BAND Foundation trustee Gardiner Lapham speaks with current Board Chair Stacey Pigott about the the global impact and complex challenges of epilepsy and tells us how the foundation is helping combat the epilepsy health crisis in the developing world.

For information on the complex challenges to epilepsy care in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as potential interventions aimed at prevention of some common causes of epilepsy in Africa, watch our webinar International Disparities in Epilepsy Care: Social & Economic Effects of Epilepsy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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    Acting Globally to Fight Epilepsy - Transcript

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