Syndi’s Story

Living with Epilepsy and mental health

Hello, my name is Sydni. I am 36 years old, will be 37 in July. I have had epilepsy (grand mal) since I was 9 months old. Over the years, they have been controlled with medication. I wasn’t able to get my license until I was 21. During my adult years, I still suffer with seizures. The anxiety and depression that I have is unreal. I try to think positive though. I do have my good days and bad days. This year back in February I had a very bad seizure and went to the hospital. I would love to see a cure for epilepsy one day. This is so debilitating to someone on the inside, and no one understands but yourself. I just came across this on Facebook and I love this mission. I would love to be a part and be a support for others involved.