Nathan’s Story

Four-year-old Nathan Bushey and his family were staying with relatives following the birth of his sister when Nathan’s cousin made a terrible discovery: Nathan was making disturbing noises in his sleep. This turned out to be Nathan’s first documented seizure, and it landed him in the ER later that night.

The hospital neurologist evaluated Nathan’s EEG and believed that he would grow out of his seizures. Unfortunately, Nathan had another seizure on the school bus shortly after his initial hospital visit. At age six, he was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and started on what his mom, Heather, calls “medication roulette.”

Now 13, Nathan struggles most to control his tonic-clonic seizures, which often keep him – and his family – up most of the night. In 2020, Dr. Chez prescribed fenfluramine (Fintepla®), an FDA-approved medication that has reduced Nathan’s tonic-clonic seizures from three to four per week to one every two to three weeks.

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