Logan Welborn


The ninth floor of Wake Forest Baptist Hospital was like a second home to Logan. Her younger sister, Lilly, was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome when she was five years old. Logan’s journey to advocacy began in tandem with her mother’s research about her sister’s diagnosis.

Logan has been very active in the advocacy community, attending events and conferences hosted by CURE, the Epilepsy Foundation, the Lennox-Gasteau Syndrome Foundation, and the Child Neurology Foundation. At the age of 6, Logan painted a portrait inspired by Emily Kingsley’s poem “Welcome to Holland,” a beautiful analogy of raising a child with special needs. The painting raised over $18,000 for epilepsy research. Logan continued her advocacy efforts at her high school and founded the Social Issues Awareness Club to promote social awareness and responsibility. She also created the “Wheelchair Challenge”, a project in which four students, including herself, spent the day in a wheelchair. Through this challenge, students were made aware of the challenges faced by wheelchair-bound individuals every day.

As the next chapter of her life begins, Logan is determined to continue advocating for research in epilepsy and spreading epilepsy awareness. This fall, she plans on attending Duke University, where she already is working on an epilepsy advocacy project for October. Logan plans to study political science and public policy with the hopes of becoming an attorney.