Lauren’s Story

Epilepsy should never define us

I’m now 25 years old, and I reflect on a journey that began with an epilepsy diagnosis at the age of 13. Managing this condition has never been easy; it’s life-altering, and in my perspective, it doesn’t necessarily become easier over time. It’s often these hidden struggles, invisible to the world, that prove to be the most challenging to navigate.

For a long time, and maybe even to this day, I’ve felt an inner sense of difficulty, wishing to be “normal,” whatever that means. But, if it weren’t for my diagnosis, I don’t think I would be where I am today. It has given me a sense of purpose and motivation that outweighs all the negativity life can throw at us. My hope is that I can reassure at least one person that they are not alone and that it’s perfectly okay to feel this way.

Epilepsy should never define us. It does not diminish our abilities or potential. Never allow anyone to underestimate your capacity for success just because you happen to have epilepsy. Recently, I proudly graduated from Boston University, joined a lab that I find fulfilling, and am currently in the process of applying to graduate school to further my passion for learning. My career path is dedicated to epilepsy research, and I aspire to advocate, educate, and raise awareness about epilepsy and its impact on individuals and their families.