Kelly’s Story

My name is Kelly Ewing. I was born a complex partial epileptic, yet was not formally diagnosed until the age of 18. When officially diagnosed, I was not going to let epilepsy stop my ability to reach my goals. I am a risk-taker. I am an adventure-seeker. I have always been “unique” and NEVER fit in the “normal” crowd. I am an abstract artist on one side of the brain. I am also a number-cruncher on the other side of the brain. When someone informs me I should NOT participate in a situation due to my “epilepsy”, I immediately take note “this human being obviously does NOT know me”. For example, a Texas A&M University counselor informed me I should NOT major in Accounting due to my epilepsy. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting in the year 1994. While studying Accounting at TAMU, I noticed the tennis pro, John McEnroe, was searching for struggling artists with “disabilities” to display their artwork in New York. I submitted 6 different slides of my artwork to John and was shocked to receive a letter stating he wanted to display two pieces of my artwork in New York. At this particular time, in the early 90’s, I knew I wanted to do something completely different and “unique” with my artwork, but had absolutely NO IDEA what this “unique” artwork would be until the year 2018. I lived my entire life with UNCONTROLLED complex partial seizures, taking numerous different anticonvulsants, living with horrible side effects which also needed medical attention (some needing surgeries) and working hard as an accountant.

In the year 2014 I decided to participate with Charlottes Web CBD oil and epilepsy research. All my life, even with anticonvulsants, I still had 1-2 complex partial seizures a month. While participating with Charlottes Web, I also had only 1-2 complex partial seizures PLUS I NO longer had ANY severe anxiety attacks and my arthritis pain was reduced ALL with Charlottes WEB AND I FELT HEALTHIER LIVING WITHOUT ALL THE HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF THE ANTICONVULSANTS. In the year 2018 while still employed as an accountant, I developed my own e-commerce company, NAUTIarts, which provides top quality items which can get wet with unique artwork (swimwear, beach gear and apparel) allowing artwork to travel worldwide, not only supporting artist, but also to help find a CURE for Epilepsy. “Share the love of art, the addiction of waves, the passion for travelling…all combined to find a CURE for Epilepsy – NAUTIarts”. Again, even though the e-commerce company is up and running, I was still working as an accountant since it takes a lot of time to get the knowledge of the e-commerce company out and into the public.

Unfortunately, in the beginning of 2019 my body made a dramatic change and I personally began having 3 different types of seizures, not only the complex partial seizures, but also gran mal seizures and nocturnal seizures. For one solid year, I battled them alone with only CBD, yet it was a complete failure. With 3 different types of seizures continuously occurring on a monthly basis there was brain fog, memory loss, depression and finally the inability to actually participate in working occurred. I not only had to stop accounting, I had to shut down NAUTIarts. I had to file for disability for the first time in my entire life. I had heard horrible stories of epileptics filing for disability in the past. I knew I needed to be back on anticonvulsants. I did. Did they help? No. Still had uncontrolled seizures on a monthly basis.

I filed for disability AND I hired an attorney at the exact same time, August 14, 2020. I was DENIED disability by the government back in March 2021. Filed appeal in April 2021. Became suicidal in April 2021. Was placed in a mental institute in April 2021 which transferred me to a shelter in May 2021. June 2021, this “shelter” released me to an “Oxford House” (Alcohol and Drug Addicts) since they stated I qualified for since I was “addicted” to CBD which is a product of marijuana. Luckily a complete stranger has offered me a roof over my head while I am still waiting for the government to finalize my appeal. With absolutely no money to survive on, I have contacted numerous trading companies in order to liquidate NAUTIarts swimwear inventory at a complete loss. Of course at a complete loss, no donations will be contributed to help find a cure for epilepsy, it is directly for my survival. With COVID-19, trading companies are NOT interested in any apparel. PRIOR to the government denial in March 2021, I would have personally informed you that being an epileptic has made me the strong, risk-taker, adventure-seeker person I am. But when the government can HONESTLY deny an epileptic disability WITHOUT even requesting a physical exam OR even contacting a SINGLE witness while an epileptic continues to suffer from monthly uncontrollable multiple seizures, depression and suicidal thoughts…I continue to look up to the sky on a daily basis and ask myself “Is today the day I will wrap my arms around my mom in heaven?” (she committed suicide in February 2000).