Kellie’s Story

The struggle of being a parent with Epilepsy

In 2009 I started having seizures when I found my two-month-old twin daughter had passed away. I went to many different doctors and several different scans. They basically thought at first it was not epilepsy but from stress. I went to see a therapist to see if it would help because at this point, I was having multiple seizures: at least 20. So, I had a bad seizure while I was showering and fell and hit my face resulting in breaking my cheek bone on one side and completely bruising my entire face with a full black eye. I went back to the emergency room, and they did another scan which the mentioned there was a tumor type of thing on a section in my brain. The first opinion I got years prior was described as a film on a section in my brain. They described it to me as looking like fog in the sky.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I am a single mother to four amazing children. I have been back to having seizures again, I have the most terrible ones, mostly resulting in injuries. I am now looking into getting the VNS surgery done this month. I feel sometimes like a failure even though through everything I still managed to raise up my kids alone. But terrified at the thought of leaving my kids alone in this world because of the seizures. This is something I’ve been going through for almost 15 years and all I want and pray for is to overcome this and start living my life again without the worry of having a seizure again out in public. I had one driving twice – once when I was pregnant. I have tried at least 20 different medications with little to no luck. Thank you for letting me vent to you! God bless everyone going through this as well!