Jack’s Story

He's unafraid and he's just sweet

This is Jack. Jack is my 13-year-old son who is the light of my life. Jack was given the diagnosis of Epilepsy in 2107 which was 3rd grade for him.

Jack’s seizure types are: atonic, myoclonic, partial aware, and partial impaired awareness. Jack also has continual spike waves during slow wave sleep. Jack is on 4 anti-seizure medications, still without complete control of his seizures.

Despite this, Jack is happy. He sees the world through a lens of ease and silliness. He’s unafraid and he’s just sweet. He makes me so proud of how he has handled what has been put upon him in his short life: The medicines, the hospital stays, the tests, the bloodwork, the steroid infusions, the EEGS, the MRI’S, the vagal nerve stimulator, the never-ending therapies, the School IEP supports and being perceived as”different” at school. Too much for a 13-year-old young man to have to deal with.

We will never give up hope in finding a cure for Jack so he can feel like the old Jack again, free from the weight of epilepsy and all of his comorbid “friends” that epilepsy has invited to the party.