Jack’s Story

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 months of age. I had grand mal seizures, along with other types for a few years. They continued until I was about seven, when without medication I stopped having seizures.

That Easter my mom woke me up to hunt eggs and all of the sudden the seizures returned. I had them until I was 21 years old. Doctors had to paralyze me to stop a particularly bad seizure I had in college. Thank god I wasn’t alone and was in my ex-girlfriend’s room. She called 911 and I was placed in an ICU for about a week.

That was the last grand mal seizure I had. Now I’m 40, and ever since then all I’ve had are complex partial seizures. I’ve been on almost every medicine I know of hoping to find a better treatment and maybe be seizure free someday. Right now, I have about one of my “dazes” every week.


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