Isabella’s Story

I was told that my stare off were also a form of seizure

Hi! My name is Isabella, I had my first seizure when I was around four. I got diagnosed and put on medication up until I was around 12. They did a study and said that I didn’t have anything to worry about all looked fine. Not too long after I started to have these stare off moments. I couldn’t understand what people were saying or remember myself how to talk. It would slowly reduce down and I was just tired. About four years ago I had broke out into a grand mal. The people I was living with at the time did not know that I once had seizures and told the hospital everything once they had arrived to see me. From that point on my seizures got worse and I was told that my stare off were also a form of seizure. I have been in many test and on many medications in hopes to figure out everything. I have one more test that is looking into a surgical procedure. I keep my hopes and faith high, and wish that all that have these keep their head high as well. I will continue to learn to figure out as much as I can and give support to all who may need it.