Hadley’s Story

Hadley was a miracle baby from the start. Born three months before her due date, she spent 91 days in the newborn intensive care unit fighting to go home to her loving family.

At 5 months old, Hadley began another fight. After feeding Hadley a bottle, her mom Erin watched as she repeatedly rolled her eyes back, threw her hands in the air, and cried. Suspecting a seizure, Erin filmed the episode and showed it to her pediatrician who immediately referred her to Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s emergency department where Hadley was diagnosed with IS during an EEG.

Every time Hadley has a spasm, she experiences brain damage, critically affecting her development. Now almost 3 years old, she cannot stand independently, walk, or talk. In 2020, Hadley had brain surgery. While the surgery did not cure Hadley of epilepsy, it did give back her smile, laugh, and skills she had lost. It also gave her family hope that she can work toward bigger developmental goals.

I don’t know why this happened to Hadley and to our family. And, I don’t know when this will end, if ever, but I do know we have to keep fighting for Hadley and for her future.

Erin & David Laslow Share Hadley’s Epilepsy Journey