Gillian’s Story

I started to have convulsions at 6 months old, I had epilepsy, through having continuous convulsions. I would not come out of the convulsion without valium. My seizures became mild, which I could come out of myself.

I started secondary school, the high school excluded me on taking parts in sports and school trips. Because I had epilepsy. The high school called me an obstruction for the classroom.

I then had to go to a special school so I could take part in sports etc.

In 1996 when I was 16 yrs old I had temporal lobectomy, there was scar tissue causing my epilepsy.

The operation cured me. Now I am not on any medication I can drive. I have travelled the world.

I now work as a senior health care for the NHS. I have always been in employment. I have never claimed any benefits.