Bradley’s Story

Bradley was born on 10/10/2019 at Stone Oak Hospital at 6:13 am, he was born in respiratory distress, and came out not breathing, he had his unbiblical cord wrapped around his neck multiple times. He was transported by ambulance minutes later, when they took Bradley, dad was the only one able to go with him. Bradley lost oxygen at birth which caused him to have HIE (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy). He spent 61 days in the NICU, in that time frame many tests were run from the spinal tap, MRI’s, X-rays, blood test, genetic test, etc… we were told at that time that all his tests were fine all his scans were normal.

We were told on October 27, 2019, that he had bi-lateral vocal cord paralysis and he would need a tracheostomy, Bradley received his trach on October 29, 2019, he had his first seizure in September 2020, He had his first 48 hour EEG in October 2020, we were told he was at risk for severe CP (cerebral palsy) in April 2020, He was diagnosed with LGS (Lennox Gastaut Syndrome) in February 2021, then Bradley was officially diagnosed with HIE in October 28, 2020. When Bradley was officially diagnosed with HIE and the Dr. showed me and dad his brain MRI at 12 days old, we were told that it was clear he had severe brain damage and that should have been caught while in the NICU. I cried of life in the unknown when it came to Bradley’s diagnoses and when we found this support group in HIE, we as Bradly’s parents have been able to find comfort in this support group when it comes to different questions about Bradley’s future.

I fight every day as Bradley’s advocate alongside his dad, we do everything we can to make sure Bradley is heard when it comes to anything he needs from the little things to the big things, his nursing care, to medical care, this journey isn’t easy for Bradley or the family but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

With love,

from Bradley.