Basil’s Story

It started when I was sixteen

It started when I was sixteen and I had my first seizure early in the morning. I can see it now, my seizure waking me up at 3am. At that time my parents and I didn’t know what was going on so we made an appointment to see a neurologist. As a kid it was difficult but as I grew older my parents and I started researching and educating ourselves about epilepsy. I have focal epilepsy which means I have epilepsy in a specific area of the brain. I am 35 years old and currently my medication is helping me with my seizures. I am blessed that I can have a normal life but I understand that I have to take care of myself first and continue to see my neurologist for my appointments and take my mediation each day. I am very blessed that I am alive and doing well and so happy that I have a great family that cares.