Abigail’s Story

By: Abigail Callen

I have been living with epliepsy for most of childhood and young adult life. My very first seizure was when I was eight months old. Even though I can’t really remember what it was like for my family, I imagined that it was really scary and frighting to see your daughter, grandaughter, or niece just lying there and being helpless.

Even though I have been living with epilepsy for most of my life, I try everyday to have a positive attitude towards life. If you ask my family or my friends, they will probably tell you that I try not to let the negative things bother me. I guess I have always been a positive, determined, kind, respectful, smart, wise, and strong women. I give most credit to my family and friends. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today!

Even though I have epliepsy and a learning disablity. I have accomplished a lot of things throughout the years. My hardest subject in school was Math and this past semester I actually accomplised of going to the next level of math which is College Algebra!

Although there has been many accomplishments, there has been some dissapointments. This past January I found out that I was not a qualified candidate for eplilespy surgery. So I am on medication for now.

I want to become a strong advocate for epilespy because spreading the word about epilepsy means a lot to me. My dream is for epilepsy to become just as important just as Austism or Parkinson’s Disease. I know what it is like to live with epilepsy. I used to be scared of saying the word epilepsy but now I am not scared to say it anymore. Saying it out loud makes me even stronger then keeping inside to myself.