March 19, 2024

Study Data on Lacosamide and Pregnancy

Article published by Wiley Online Library

In pregnancy, it is important to balance the risks of uncontrolled epileptic seizures to the mother and fetus against the potential negative effects of antiseizure medications on the unborn child. Data are limited on pregnancy outcomes among pregnant women taking lacosamide (LCM), particularly when taken as the only medication in a treatment plan. The study evaluated the pregnancy outcomes of LCM-exposed pregnancies. This is the first analysis of prospective and retrospective reports in the UCB Pharma global pharmacovigilance database of LCM exposure during pregnancy. Preliminary data does not raise major concerns on the use of LCM during pregnancy. Most pregnancies with LCM exposure resulted in healthy live births, and no new medication concerns were identified. These findings should be interpreted with caution, as additional data are needed to fully evaluate the safety profile of LCM in pregnancy.