November 25, 2020

Read the Latest CURE Epilepsy Report

The epilepsy community is a community that knows challenge.

In the face of a global pandemic, we’re experiencing more challenges than ever before. Paused research. Major shifts in medical care. Increased health risks. Feelings of isolation, fear, and anxiety.

But we’re also a community that rises above challenges.

That’s CURE Epilepsy’s commitment to you – that we will remain steadfast in our mission to find a cure by identifying and funding the most innovative research in the epilepsy space.

In this issue of Researching to CURE Epilepsy, you’ll read about our new continuity fund, fueled by the Cotton family who rushed to support researchers with projects stalled because of pandemic funding shifts. You’ll also learn about our new COVID-19 online hub, filled with educational resources on how the virus impacts epilepsy patients.

We’re all learning how to live in a new normal, but while much has changed, living with epilepsy has not. For those impacted by epilepsy every day, I hope you’ll find inspiration in this issue and feel our relentless commitment to a cure. Your stories of living with epilepsy motivate us and serve as powerful reminders that this disease must be stopped.