December 5, 2017

Presurgical imaging may predict whether epilepsy surgery will work

According to, “A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for the Identification of PET Markers Associated to the Prediction of Surgical Outcome after Anterior Temporal Lobe Resection,” a study in Frontiers in Neuroscience [1]:

[Researchers] have identified a subgroup of temporal lobe epilepsy patients at high risk for post-surgical seizure recurrence after anterior temporal lobe resection.

[The study] developed an integrative Bayesian predictive modeling framework that identifies individual pathological brain states based on the selection of fluoro-deoxyglucose positron emission tomography (PET) imaging biomarkers and evaluated the association of those states with a clinical outcome.

[The study] shows that the proposed method achieves high cross-validated accuracy in predicting post-surgical seizure recurrence.