November 12, 2019

New National Epilepsy Survey Reveals Significant Disconnects on Important Issues Among Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals

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A new, national survey of adult epilepsy patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) revealed a wide range of challenges in the management of the disease, which affects more than three million adults in the United States. The findings range from significant disconnects that occur in conversations among patients, caregivers and HCPs to revelations about the far-reaching impact of epilepsy. In fact, 75% of patients surveyed agreed that all they can do is accept their condition.

The survey results unveiled today suggest that most patients are not only affected physically, but also face equally severe emotional, social and financial consequences due to epilepsy. According to respondents, epilepsy affects many aspects of daily life such as living independently, driving, holding a steady job and maintaining solid, close relationships.

Half of patients and caregivers surveyed feel that epilepsy is “a burden that will never go away.” More than three out of four patients and caregivers struggle to feel “normal,” with a constant fear of not knowing when the next seizure will come.

The “Seize the Truth About Epilepsy Perceptions” (STEP) Survey, conducted online by Kantar Health on behalf of SK Life Science, Inc., was fielded to understand the current state of epilepsy in the United States, with the goal of fostering better communication between patients and their care teams. The survey focused on gaining insights into the doctor-patient relationship, showcasing the emotional journey from diagnosis through current treatment, and unearthing obstacles that patients, caregivers and HCPs face in managing the condition.

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