October 30, 2023

New Investigational Drug Offers Hope for Patients with Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy

Press release by Xenon

A recent article in JAMA Neurology demonstrates efficacy and safety results from the X-TOLE Phase 2b randomized clinical trial of XEN1101, a novel potassium channel opener, in adults with focal epilepsy. Treatment with XEN1101 was associated with a dose dependent median percent reduction from baseline in monthly focal onset seizure frequency with a reduction of 52.8% for 25 mg, 46.4% for 20 mg, and 33.2% for 10 mg, compared with 18.2% for placebo. XEN1101 was generally well-tolerated and treatment-emergent adverse events were similar to those of commonly prescribed antiseizure medications. Unlike several treatments that must be started at low doses and slowly increased, the new drug can safely be taken at its most effective dose from the start, the authors say. XEN1101 is currently being evaluated in Phase 3 clinical trials in patients with focal onset seizures and primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures.