January 8, 2019

Multivariable Clinical Trait Model Predicts Childhood Epilepsy Risk

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A multivariable prediction model composed of several different clinical characteristic variables, including sex, medical history, age of first seizure, and event description, in combination with electroencephalogram readings, may be helpful to predict the risk for epilepsy in children, according to study results published in Pediatrics.

Clinical data from 451 children who visited an outpatient pediatric neurology department after 1 or more paroxysmal event were retrospectively analyzed. Only those patients with epilepsy or an unknown diagnosis who had 1-year or greater follow-up data available were included in the study. An external cohort of 187 patients (ie, validation cohort) tested the validity of the multivariable logistic regression model. Presence or absence of epilepsy comprised the primary outcome measure.

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