September 2, 2022

Mouse Models of Kcnq2 Dysfunction

Abstract found on Wiley Online Library

Variants in the Kv7.2 channel subunit encoded by KCNQ2 gene cause epileptic disorders ranging from a benign form with self-limited epileptic seizures and normal development to severe forms with intractable epileptic seizures and encephalopathy. The biological mechanisms involved in these neurological diseases are still unclear. The disease remains intractable in patients affected by the severe form. Over the past 20?years, KCNQ2 models have been developed to elucidate pathological mechanisms and to identify new therapeutic targets. The diversity of Kcnq2 mouse models has proven invaluable to access neuronal networks and evaluate the associated cognitive deficits. This review summarizes the available models and their contribution to our current understanding of KCNQ2 epileptic disorders.