March 19, 2019

Medication Self-Management and the Quality of Discharge Education Among Parents of Children with Epilepsy

INTRODUCTION: Medication self-management is critical among children with epilepsy. In the present study, researchers aimed to investigate the perceptions regarding the quality of discharge education among parents of children with epilepsy. In addition, they assessed the impact of the families’ perceptions on medication self-management. The quality of discharge education was assessed in two parts: content and delivery. The quality of delivery was defined as the manner in which nurses teach the content regarding hospital discharge.

METHODS: Forty-seven parents of children with epilepsy completed the questionnaires regarding demographics, the quality of discharge education, and medication self-management (the Quality of Discharge Teaching Scale and the Pediatric Epilepsy Medication Self-Management Questionnaire).

RESULTS: Parent-reported quality of discharge education was positively correlated with medication self-management (r = 0.305; p = .037). Parent-reported quality of delivery, but not the amount of content, was positively correlated with medication self-management (r = 0.347; p = .017).

CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that efforts to improve medication self-management among children with epilepsy should include strategies to develop teaching skills among nurses delivering the discharge education.

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