May 8, 2018

Mayo Clinic Uses An mHealth App to Identify Epileptic Seizures

study conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona has found that an mHealth app can be used to diagnose epilepsy. It’s one of several mobile health tools being used to manage care for people with chronic conditions.

The EpiFinder app reportedly correctly identified epilepsy or offered an accurate alternative diagnosis in almost 87 percent of the cases during a recent study at the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Neurology.

The app analyzes data entered into the platform by either the patient or a care provider. Its creator, Neel Mehta, says the tool can be used by either a doctor or a consumer.

It’s one of several mHealth tools being used to improve care management for people living with epilepsy.

This past February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a wearable, called the Embrace, that can detect the onset of a serious epileptic seizure and alert care team members. And last year, Johns Hopkins University announced the completion of a 10-month study during which researchers remotely monitored some 600 people with epilepsy through the EpiWatch app on their Apple Watches, enabling them to gather data on epileptic seizures and daily care.

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