March 8, 2018

March 2018 CEO Update

It’s good that I love New York, because I get to love it a little bit longer with thanks to the Nor’easter.

More on my New York adventures in a moment, but first I wanted to remind you about a CURE webinar today for parents of school-age children. If you’re raising a child with epilepsy, be sure to register for the free webinar on Epilepsy’s Impact on Learning and School Performance. A board certified pediatric neuropsychologist will offer insights into managing cognitive-related issues experienced by many students with epilepsy.

Today’s webinar follows another, from earlier this week, on Genetic Testing to Develop Personalized Medicine for Epilepsy. (Follow this link to hear the recording.) I thank Dr. David Goldstein for leading that webinar live from Columbia University’s Institute of Genomic Medicine. As I met with David and his entire team working on CURE’s Epilepsy Genetics Initiative, I was inspired both by their dedication and advances in identifying epilepsy genes that could lead to better treatments.

CURE seeks to get the biggest impact from every dollar we collect for epilepsy research. Based on this week’s briefings in New York with CURE-funded scientists, I am especially energized about the potential for their upcoming research.

Take care,
Kate Carr



Today at 2pm ET / 1pm CT, CURE will be hosting a webinar which highlights the latest research on how epilepsy impacts cognition, learning, and school performance. The webinar is free, but you need to register.

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Madison Berl, a neuropsychologist at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. Dr. Berl’s presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A session. Some of the questions you might hear addressed include:

  • How do schools build an IEP for a child with epilepsy?
  • Are there services available to help my child transition into adulthood?
  • What laws are in place to support my child?