August 15, 2019

Irish Researchers Integrate Epilepsy Genomics into Electronic Health Records

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Researchers in Ireland are one step closer to offering seamless personalized care to epilepsy patients nationwide, reporting that they have developed a genomics module within an epilepsy?specific electronic patient record (EPR). The improved access to genomic data will allow clinical teams to understand the causes of a patient’s epilepsy and develop personalized care.

The research was published recently in the August 2019 issue of the journal Epilepsia, in an article entitled “Development of a genomics module within an epilepsy?specific electronic health record: Toward genomic medicine in epilepsy care.”

“We now know that much of previously unexplained epilepsy is due, in part, to damaging variants in a person’s genome,” said Norman Delanty, MD, first author on the paper, in a press release. “The potential to understand the reason for a particular person’s epilepsy at a molecular level, and to use this information to develop personalized therapies, will become a significant advancement in the way we practice medicine.”

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