April 29, 2019

High-Dose Oral Vitamin D3 Appears Safe and Well-Tolerated in Epilepsy

Vitamin D3 in high doses was safe and well-tolerated in patients with epilepsy and never exceeded toxic levels, according to study results published in Epilepsy & Behavior.

Researchers sought to examine the tolerability of vitamin D3 in an ongoing trial of vitamin D3 5000 IU/d intended to reduce seizures in drug-resistant epilepsy. Inclusion criteria were that participants should have greater than or equal to 1 focal onset or generalized tonic-clonic seizure per month and must have been treated with greater than or equal to 2 antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) alone or in combination at effective doses without becoming seizure-free. Participants were to maintain a seizure calendar, and no changes in AED doses were allowed during the study.

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