June 4, 2020

Healthcare Utilization and Associated Costs Following Initiation of Perampanel (Fycompa®) in Patients with Epilepsy

Abstract, published in Epilepsy & Behavior

Purpose: This study compared health service utilization and costs for patients with epilepsy before and after initiation of perampanel and compared with matched controls.

Results: Three hundred and forty-three patients treated with perampanel were identified. One hundred and eighty-three (53.4%) were male, with an average age of 39 and an average epilepsy duration of 21 years. Two hundred and eighty-seven (83.7%) were matched to controls. Inpatient admissions with a primary diagnosis of epilepsy and neurology specific outpatient appointments were significantly reduced following initiation with perampanel. Total costs attributable to epilepsy and overall secondary costs were also significantly reduced. There was no significant difference in primary care, outpatient, or general inpatient admissions. Compared with controls, there was a significant reduction in primary epilepsy admissions but a significant increase in outpatient appointments and accident and emergency contacts for patients treated with perampanel.

Conclusion: Treatment with perampanel is associated with reduced epilepsy-related inpatient admissions and accident and emergency contacts.

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