February 20, 2017

Fenfluramine provides significant seizure reduction in Dravet syndrome, according to European Journal of Neurology study

The study “Low-dose fenfluramine significantly reduces seizure frequency in Dravet syndrome: a prospective study of a new cohort of patients” found [1]:

Patients with Dravet syndrome experienced sustained periods of clinically meaningful improved seizure control during fenfluramine treatment with a favorable tolerability and no echocardiographic or clinical evidence of cardiac valvulopathy or pulmonary hypertension.

Nine patients (aged 1.2–29.8 years) enrolled in the study and were treated with fenfluramine for a median duration of 1.5 (range, 0.3–5.1) years.

All patients demonstrated a reduction in seizure frequency during the treatment period with a median reduction of 75% (range, 28–100%). Seven patients (78%) experienced a ?50% reduction in major motor seizure frequency.